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XCMP Protocol

XCMP, or Cross-Consensus Message Passing, is a crucial technology for the Polkadot network. It makes it possible for the different blockchains within Polkadot, known as parachains, to talk to each other securely and without trouble. This is a big win for working together across the network. But sometimes, these parachains want to reach out beyond Polkadot, especially to talk with Ethereum's blockchain. To do this, they can't use XCMP and need a different kind of messaging bridge.

Enter Darwinia. This network is tailored to fill this gap. It understands XCMP for communication within Polkadot and also speaks the language of Ethereum's blockchain (thanks to its compatibility with the EVM - Ethereum Virtual Machine). On top of that, Darwinia uses something called Msgport, which is like an extra feature that makes this cross-chain conversation even smoother. It's like having a translator who's fluent in both communities' languages, making Darwinia the go-to connector for Polkadot parachains that want to interact with Ethereum's world.

The support for XCMP within Msgport is a highly anticipated feature that our core development team is actively working on. It's on our to-do list and we plan to roll it out soon, so stay tuned for this promising update.